terça-feira, 19 de maio de 2015

GAP Spain demands an end to the trading of chimpanzees among zoos

by Jaqueline B. Ramos (with information of "20 Minutos")

Chimpanzee in Bioparc (PGS)

Great Ape Project Spain (PGS) has demanded an end to the trading of chimpanzees that is "frequently" carried by zoos because they affect the mental health of the great apes involved and has demanded explanations from Bioparc (at the city of Valencia) for having transferred all its chimps to other zoos and disintegrated a whole family disintegrated.

PGS reports that the family of chimpanzees Miranda, Chispi, Kate and M (females), Napoleon (male) and Kymbo (son) has been sent to various zoos in Fuengirola, Hungary and Madrid and has not provided adequate information in this regard. The zoo argues that "reasons of conservation" species "have nothing to do with the reality living primate species, in particular great apes".

Pedro Pozas, PGSs executive director, reminds the study of the scientists who developed the chimpanzee genome and published it in the scientific journal Nature. They insisted that the status of the great apes should be reviewed, apart from providing "better and more human treatment, maintaining and respecting the social links social in the case of the captive ones.”. He says that this scientific recommendation "is not being fulfilled at all in any zoological center."

"The ethics, dignity of human beings, our gratitude to our evolutionary brothers apes with whom we share the same common ancestor, must be above economic interests or senseless breeding programs to do our utmost to protect their habitat and the improvement of facilities to those in captivity. It is no use to break family ties of sentient beings like us for commercial interests," said Pedro Pozas.

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